In this video, we show you how we install a split-split system aircon. All initial enquiries will be handled, as well as the design, best aircon size, and location of the indoor and outdoor units.

If the client agrees with the plan, the next step is to determine the ideal installation date. Once that’s locked in, it won’t change, except on very rare occasions.

  1. Our guys turn up with the plan that we have discussed with the client. We’ll once again go over it upon arrival. This way, the client knows what will happen on that day.
  2. They will then determine the best spots for the indoor and outdoor units.
  3. Once all hindrances are eliminated, a hole is drilled on the wall before mounting the installation plate for the indoor unit.
  4. Outside, a hole is drilled for the indoor unit’s pipes.
  1. Next is the outdoor unit or the condenser where it will take its final position. Piping is arranged and connected at this point.
  2. A vac pump is fitted to evacuate the system.
  3. The electrician takes care of the wiring before connecting the isolation switch to the switchboard.
  4. The system will be run tested, and our guys leave with the area meticulously cleaned.

We always provide operational directions to the clients so that the split-type system lasts for the years to come.

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Top 10 Air Conditioner Installation Considerations

Air conditioners have become a basic necessity. But before you purchase and install one for your home or business, we recommend that you research the units first. Find the best brand and model that suit your requirements and budget. Here at ACSIS Air, we carry the top brands: Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi.

Compare the available options you have to ensure that you have the right unit for your space. Consider the following factors before you make up your mind:

1. Aircon Quality

High-quality units offer better and longer-lasting performance. They may be more expensive, but they are more cost-efficient in the long run. Focus on the specifications of the product to find out if it is the most appropriate option for you. One way to tell if the aircon is superior quality is its warranty. It should at least provide a five-year warranty for the product.

2. Size or Capacity of the Unit

The capacity of the aircon depends on the size of the space that needs cooling. ACSIS Air has decades of experience to guide you in choosing the right size of AC for your home or office. Typically, the dimensions of your home, number of rooms and occupants, and insulation affect the performance of the AC system. Therefore, the salesman will consider these areas when selecting the correctly sized unit.

3. Energy Consumption

An energy-efficient aircon will not significantly increase your electric bills. It is even possible that it can help reduce your power usage if you are changing from an older style system to the newer inverter unit, which means lower costs. The Energy Star Rating is a government initiative that lets consumers make more informed buying decisions. For more information about how to check how much power your air conditioner consumes, visit

4. Durability

Select an AC that will not require frequent repairs, or worse, replacements. Do your research first about the possible products that you are considering to purchase. Our professionals can also help in comparing different brands and models. This way, you can find the best piece of equipment that lasts for a long time.

5. Maintenance

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters and washing out the condenser, can keep the AC working efficiently throughout the year. This can also increase the lifespan of your air conditioner.

6. Price

We know that the most affordable air conditioner grabs the attention of many buyers. They believe that these systems can help them save money. In reality, they can lead to more repairs or even prompt you to buy a new one. You can already tell it is not as budget-friendly as it seems.

ACSIS Air recommends avoiding the installation of cheap and low-quality air conditioners. You not only save yourself from spending more, but you also protect yourself against potential risks. Name brands have proven reliability by their longevity in the marketplace.

7. Installation

While DIY installation is possible, it is illegal within Australia for unlicensed persons to install air conditioning units. Therefore, you should hire ACSIS Air professionals to undertake the works competently and within the guidelines of the law.

8. Ductwork

A ducted air conditioner is popular in Australia. If you go this route, you will need to ensure the ductwork is done correctly. Leaky ducts can be a problem since this would mean the airflow isn’t directed to the rooms required. Ducts should be checked and sealed correctly to make sure that cooled air will not escape into the roof space.

9. Additional Equipment

Before you purchase, study the unit and its requirements. Some add-ons may be necessary to help you achieve a more comfortable home, e.g. zone controllers, temperature sensors.

10. Professional Service

A zone controller freshly installed.DIY installation may not cost you money, but it can result in incorrectly installed systems. ACSIS Air has been in the industry for over 20 years, complete with experience in sales, installations and replacements, among others. We prioritise your satisfaction and your safety by ensuring the excellence of our mounting, duct, and electrical work.

With qualified and licenced professionals, you can trust ACSIS Air. We dedicate ourselves to certifying that all units are correctly installed. This way, our clients have comfort and peace of mind all-year-round.

Discussions are made before the installation. We do not just go to your home and install the unit. We want to get to know your specific requirements and even provide you with relevant advice. Our team is always ready to work on your property so that you can start enjoying the optimal benefits.

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What Does the Installation Of Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems Involve?

  1. An assessment of your home is completed first. This will determine the size of the system required, how many zones and outlets are needed, the suitable location of the outdoor unit, the space available within the roof space, the location of the return air grille and outlets and the available power supply to your home.
  2. A comprehensive discussion is held with you in regards to requirements and expectations, the type of control system and the type of outlets.
  3. From the above we can determine the unit size (capacity) that is best suited to the your needs. A plan of the home is drawn up to scale (if no plans are available) containing the duct layout and outlet locations. This plan is then used for the materials take off list to determine the cost which is then forwarded to you as a quotation.
  4. Once accepted a final agreement is signed and a deposit is required with an agreed installation date.
  1. From the materials take off list an order is placed with the relevant suppliers for delivery to site on the morning of the aircon installation.
  2. Installation day, upon arrival to the home the installers introduce themselves. We run through of the plans, grille and outdoor locations are confirmed. The installers then check off the materials delivered to the order list to make sure all of the materials have been delivered to site and then your system is installed. Once the aircon installation is complete you will be given instructions on how to operate the system and how/when to clean the return air filter.
  3. All rubbish is removed from the home. Finally, we will contact you to make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction, there are no follow up issues that need to be resolved and you feel you have been given clear instructions on the operation of your new system. Once all this is confirmed the final invoice is sent for payment.

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